BYE BYE Panda Eyes: Smudge-proof Mascara for Little Lashes

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | Marc Jacobs Lash Lift Too Faced Lash Injection BLINC L'Oreal Double Extend MAC Extended Play CLINIQUE Lash Power | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

As an asian gal, it’s not surprising that I have fine, sparse and stick straight lashes. The first makeup product I used on a daily basis was mascara and to this day it’s still one of my ‘essentials’. However, I spent a good decade gingerly rubbing under my eyes every hour of every day, to get rid of the mascara residue that gives me panda eyes before finally switching to tubing mascaras. Since then it’s been BYE BYE panda eyes and I’ve never looked back.

What are tubing mascaras? Instead of traditional mascaras that paint your lashes, tubing mascaras use polymers that wrap around your lashes. They apply more wet than your normal mascaras, and as it dries, they shrink wrap around your lashes, creating a smudge-proof finish. To remove, splash warm water on them and they will expand to release your lashes, letting you pull them off without effort. It looks like your lashes are coming off, but it’s just the mascara. If it’s not coming off, splash more water. Don’t start yanking off your real lashes. If you have issues with smudges under your eyes from mascara, this is really a godsend product!

Not all tube mascaras are made equally however, so I’m going to talk about my experience with the 6 different tube mascaras I’ve used:

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | Marc Jacobs Lash Lift | Sephora | Triangle brush wand | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

I was tremendously excited when Marc Jacobs launched his cosmetic line last year. I remember I was in Honolulu and when I saw my Sephora email that they were having a pre-sale, I literally leapt out of bed and onto my computer to put my order in.
Unfortunately this mascara was a complete flop for me. The triangular brush and hollow bristles promises clump-free application – which it definitely lived up to…because I could hardly get any product on my lashes. The wand in my honest opinion, could not pick up enough product from its tube, no matter how I swiped it around inside. And no matter how I brushed, swiped or rotated that wand, I could hardly get anything on my skimpy lashes. Thankfully Sephora has an amazing return policy – this baby went back to the store. If you have a nice full set of lashes that you want a little darkening or natural pick-me-up, you can check this mascara out. I do truly believe it would be clump-free if my lashes managed to grab onto any product.

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | TOO FACED Lash Injection | Thick fat brush wand | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

TOO FACED Lash Injection
I tried out this Too Faced mascara after my stint with Blinc (below). It was a little less expensive and it wasn’t as wet. However, thanks to this mascara, I have sworn off fat brushes for myself because more mascara gets on my lids than lashes.  You would think long bristles reach out to little lashes better and bring them justice, right?  NOPE, NOT TRUE. This mascara also flaked quite a bit on me.

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | BLINC Original | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

BLINC Original
This was my first ever tube mascara. It was extraordinarily expensive for me compared to any other mascara I had ever used at the time (I think I was in my early-mid 20′s). This one applied VERY wet and although the brush was not fat in any way, the bristles found their way between my lashes on onto my eyelids more often than not. It also made my freshly curled lashes fall flat because of the wetness. The great thing about the Blinc mascara though is that it did not flake off at all during the day and removes very smoothly.

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | L'OREAL Double Extend | Drugstore | Thick fat brush wand | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

L’OREAL Double Extend
My only drugstore tubing mascara thus far comes in a double ended tube with a primer on one end and mascara on the other end. Very convenient but oddly enough, I can get loads of primer on but the mascara is a different story (I’m going to blame the fat brush again). Removes very smoothly.

Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | MAC Extended Play | Thin brush wand | Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

MAC Extended Play
I like the brush width and the price point. It can build a lot of volume and length by layering coat after coat on. An absence of a couple of things would make me like it more however: there’s a little flaking and the bristles are rather rough (I feel them all too well when I wiggle my wand at the root of my lashes, at which point the bristles will inevitably touch my lids a little).

BEST Tubing Tube Smudgeproof Water resistant Mascara | Fine Thin Sparse Little Tiny Asian Lashes | CLINIQUE Lash Power | Thin brush wand  Soft bristles| Warm water removal | Long wearing | Oily Skin | Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

This is my all time favourite for a good number of years now. First of all, I love the brush. It’s thin which means the product goes on my lashes instead of my lids and colours the roots of my lashes effectively. The bristles are soft and close together. The formula is a little wet and gives more of a natural finish, but it hardly flakes and you can really layer it on. Now I use a mascara primer beforehand to give it a jumpstart as well. And to top it all off, it’s the second most economically priced of the lot!

Other tubing mascaras I’ve been itching to try are KEVYN AUCOIN The Volume Mascara and ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Mascara. If you have ever tried any of these, let me know in the comments!
Do you have a favourite tubing mascara?

**All products are purchased by myself. There are some affiliate links above.

Classic Red Lips

Classic Red Lips Tutorial | Photo: Clara Model: Rachelle | MAC Russian Red | Brunette Pale Skin White dress| Joelle Chan makeup artist Calgary Canada
Welcome to my very first Flashback Friday!
I was sifting through my make-up pictures of old and I came across this shoot I did with Clara and her friend Rachelle back in the summer of 2012! How gorgeous does she look? I love red lips. No, I LOOOOOOOVE red lips. It’s classic, sexy, and DAMN EASY to do. When you’re in a rush, swipe some straight from the tube and ta-da! Suddenly you look polished :)
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Review: Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day cream

Pai Organic Skincare Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day cream | Oily Combination Sensitive skin | London UK | Vegan Green Eco-friendly skincare cosmetic moisturizer cream lotion | Glass bottle pump |  Joelle Chan make-up artist Calgary Canada
I have been using oils on my face and body for a number of years now and I love it, but it doesn’t quite replace a great lotion or cream for me. Perhaps old habits die hard, but I love the touch and consistency of a lotion. There’s something very soothing about it.

My first Fresh Faced order came with a sample of Pai’s Chamomile & Rosehip cream. I gave it shot and was shocked at how lovely it felt on my skin! It’s a relatively thick cream but didn’t feel greasy at all. Since spring was around the corner at that point and I wanted a lotion to layer over my serum oil, I chose the Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream because it sounded a tad lighter.

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Review: Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Cleanser

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Cleanser review - Argan Oil - Green Beauty eco-friendly skincare cosmetics - violet glass - Joelle Chan Make-up artist Calgary Canada

My slight obsession with skincare not only stems from my acne history, but also from my cute petite mom who has always had great skin and beautiful teeth.  She told me sometime in April that she was running out of the cleanser she had been using for the last few years, and she wanted to try something new.  Did I have any recommendations?  NOPE.  But I was getting into my green skincare and I really wanted her to give it a go as well.  I told her to leave it to me, I will find her a new cleanser!!  (That is pretty much as exciting as it gets in my life)  At the same time, Mother’s Day was the following month and I didn’t know what to get her.  I wanted to get her something practical, and this was my opportunity!  I only knew that she doesn’t particularly like gel cleansers as her skin feels dry afterwards AND that she has very high standards for skincare.  I spent a few nights researching and decided to give Kahina’s Facial Cleanser a shot.  I read that it was milky, non-stripping, non-lathering and the price point was very good.  Thankfully it was a hit and I’ll tell you why in a bit.
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Review: Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème

Dr. Alkaitis organic eye creme review - eco friendly green vegan plant based skincare cosmetics - Joelle Chan make-up artist Calgary Canada
I try very hard to use up my products before I start using a new one.  I had a full size Origins Plantscription eye cream complimentary of Sephora (it was a promotion last year) that I didn’t love but I was determined to finish it.  It seemed to take forever so when I found myself hitting the bottom of the jar, I thought, UH OH. I don’t have anything lined up.
I was starting to get interested in ‘green’ products at the same time so I took the plunge and ordered the Dr. Alkaitis eye cream from Fresh Faced entirely based on the ingredient list and online reviews.  I’m a huge sucker for products that don’t have water as their first ingredient (in this case it’s aloe vera).  Thank goodness it worked out or else I’d be using another eye cream I don’t particularly like for another million years.

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April Favorites: Beauty

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Review: Marie Veronique Treatment Serum sample

Marie Veronique Organics MVO Treatment Serum - severe acne - review first impression sample - Joelle Chan make-up artist Calgary Canada

Zits.  Pimples.  Acne.  How I hate you.  If you suffer from severe acne, you have to believe I know how you feel.  From the age of 11 when my first huge red one surfaced in between my eyes until I was 19 when they had fully encompassed my t-zone and rapidly expanding to my cheeks, looking in the mirror every morning was heart sinking.  Huge cystic acne literally piling over each other because there was no room left.  That was me.  I thought acne was only a teenage thing and it would run its course by the time I was an adult.  Terribly wrong.

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Going Green & Gettin’ Clean

Clean green sustainable organic luxury cosmetic samples - makeup skincare - kahina w3ll vapour ilia mun marie veronique dr alkaitis pai one love - fresh faced online canada - Joelle Chan Calgary

I’ve read in various articles that our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it.  Yeah, that’s A LOT.  Therefore I’ve recently become more interested in clean green cosmetics.  That is, products with as many sustainable natural organic ingredients as possible.  Those ingredients having been ethically sourced or wild crafted, and of high quality therefore potent.  Products that use packaging made from recycled materials or is recyclable.  I had converted a long time ago to natural shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face cleansers and toners from the health food store (all without sodium lauryl sulphate in particular because I found it dried me out unnecessarily), but had yet to find something that worked in every other area – namely moisturizers and make-up.  I basically forgot about it until now – I think I’m becoming more aware since having a child.  It’s a great time to think about green beauty because over the last little while, it looks like a bunch of high quality luxury green products have made their way into the existence.

My first order from Fresh Faced arrived Monday night from Toronto – I am crazy excited to try everything out.   Continue reading…

Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream for combination skin

Review Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream combination skin - Korean moisturizer skincare cosmetics - Joelle Chan Makeup Artist Calgary Canada

Korean cosmetics have had so much press lately I couldn’t help but look into it myself and purchase a few things to try.  I scoured Soko Glam, a Korean-American curated online store, and picked out a few things.  Admittedly I didn’t purchase my products from them; I found my products a little bit more economically priced with shipping costs in various other places.  As a side note, shipping to Canada from the US is generally getting better priced.
I bought IOPE’s Air Cushion foundation which didn’t do too well with me (review here).  The second product I bought was Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max for Combination skin.  If you read my January Favourites post, then you know I have thing for sleeping masks/packs/facials/whateveryouwannacallit.  Basically intense hydrating moisturizers meant to be put on at night so you wake up to beautiful dewy soft supple skin.  Let’s talk about the Super Aqua Max.

What it is:   Continue reading…

Tutorial: A lil POP of colour

Purple Radiant Orchid Lilac Lavender - Everyday step-by-step picture makeup tutorial - Pantone 2014 green eyes - Joelle Chan Calgary Canada

Purple is my favorite colour, as well as many of yours I’m sure.  When Pantone announced Radiant Orchid was THE 2014 colour, I squealed inside a little bit, and my mind started racing with all the purple possibilities I can adorn on myself.  Think of all the purple makeup!!  Shadow, liner, mascara, blush (a light lilac is real nice), lippie, nails…and hair!  Think Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne.  What a wonderful excuse to wear purple EVERYTHING (not that I need any).  The only problem is…one can end up looking like a certain purple dinosaur.  At least your teeth would look very white.

As an ode to the colour typically associated with sophistication and royalty, I wanted to do a tutorial where purple was ok to wear every day.  Purple doesn’t have to mean heavy and it doesn’t have to mean evening glamour.  It can be fresh, fun and surprisingly natural!  Purple hues look amazing on every skin tone and with every eye colour, though green eyes in particular really stand out like my friend K’s here.  Let’s get started: Read more…