Earrings - First batch

Clockwise from top left: 14k gold-filled Hexagon hoops, silver D hoops, hammered silver asymmetrical leaf hoops, hammered silver wings

Since moving back from Dubai over the summer and freelancing make-up, some wonder what I’ve been doing during my free time…  So do I.  It seems that I’ve been rediscovering how to work with my hands.  And lately, it’s been channeled towards making earrings :)

Anyone who has lived with me or knows me well, knows that I have a minor earring fetish.  I didn’t realize it until I moved back to Canada this summer, and had to pack a gazillion pairs of earrings.  It’s really easy to buy big, loud, flashy earrings, but simple basics are a tad difficult, so I picked up some wire pliers I bought a few years back in Van, bought a steel plate and chasing hammer, ordered some Argentium sterling silver and 14K gold filled wire, and started working it.  Looks a helluva lot easier than it really is.

Argentium sterling silver is a really high tarnish resistant silver.  The 7.5% copper in the usual sterling silver causes it to tarnish, so by replacing some of that with germanium in Argentium silver allows it to tarnish less, and also allows it to harden to a greater degree.

Gold filled wire differs from gold plated.  Gold filled wire means it contains pure gold equal to 1/20 of it’s entire weight, and it wears like gold as it is solid gold on the outside.  In both processes, gold is typically mixed with copper or brass.  In gold plating however, you’ll only find seven-millionths of an inch of gold or gold colored metal.  Gold plated jewelry also reacts to the salt in our skin and pollutants in the air, causing it to break down faster than gold filled jewelry.

Here’s my first batch.  I tried taking pictures of them on – but alas, I am no good at self portraits.  I’ll try again for my next batch :)  What do you think?