Back in the game

Calgary wedding make-up: Selina

Selina, stunning on her wedding day.

I have been a make-up artist for over 8 years now, and I am finally completing tasks that I thought of doing when I first started this career.  For example: Business cards.  A portfolio website.

I briefly had a business card, but it quickly became obsolete when I moved back to Calgary 3 months after it printed.  And my last business card was when I was a product trainer with I Nuovi Cosmetics, which doesn’t count as a freelance make-up artist’s card.  And I never had a website.

I simply didn’t need one!  Word of mouth is a very powerful tool.  I was so busy, I just didn’t bother, but phew!  How times have changed, haha.  It’s certainly my own fault for moving away for the last three years.  Now I’ve come back, and I feel like a noob again.  Gotta work my way through the crowd – which has grown massively since I’ve left, thanks to a few make-up schools that popped up in Calgary.  Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  More like the challenge is making me rise up and put my game face on!!  ‘Cause I’m still in love with make-up.

Putting up an online portfolio has caused me a little grief.  Simply put, I never asked my brides for their pictures after their wedding, and now I’m paying for it.  Trying to remember who’s wedding I’ve done, digging up their contact info, and asking them to scrounge around for their wedding pictures is difficult on my scattered brain.  And I feel like a harasser.

But let me tell you: It’s Worth It.  When Selina and Louise graciously dug up their photos and sent them to me, I was like W.O.W.  That was 2008, and I still think it’s gorgeous.  Soft, fresh, feminine – isn’t that what all of us want to exude on our wedding day?  It really makes me love my craft even more.  My job isn’t to make you look beautiful.  My job is to let you feel, and conquer the day!

Many thanks to Selina and Louise, and all the beautiful wives I’ve been harassing as of late =)

Calgary wedding make-up: Selina

Soft, fresh, feminine - isn't that what we all want to exude on our wedding day?

Calgary wedding make-up: Louise

Louise, a classic Asian bride

Calgary wedding make-up: Louise

Louise, luscious but natural at the same time.