Gold Hooped earrings on Etsy

Gold hooped earrings

Does anyone watch the Bleach anime?   I used to a few years back, and at the end of an episode, the little lion would have his little segment and end it with a superman pose, “Golden!!”  Ah, that makes me laugh.  I haven’t read the manga in a few years – I meant to save it up for as long as I could, so I could one day splurge and read a gazillion chapters all at once instead of chasing it week after week.  I must have 150 chapters to catch up on.

Ok, looks like no one knows what I’m talking about.  I’ll stop talking in manga-geek now.  (But just for the record, One Piece rocks my world)

Anyway!  Thanks to some wonderful and encouraging comments after I posted my earring pictures, I opened a shop on Etsy called hooped!  It’s been almost two months since I posted stuff up, and it’s still terribly exciting.  I just want to say that is it SO hard to take nice pictures.  I’ve even cut out windows on a big ziploc box and lined it with plain white paper to try and give my earrings some soft light, instead of letting them reflect my balcony door frame.

I haven’t made a lot of sales but honestly I’m just happy people seem to like my stuff =)  And shocked people have actually found my store amidst an ocean of them!  I am also happy to report that shaping and hammering is getting easier and taking slightly less time than in the beginning.  Even though the hammering makes a high pitched ‘ping! ping! ping!’, it’s a relaxing hobby, and helps clear my head, especially when my head is swimming with plans of upcoming nuptials.  If anyone wants to give any advice on how to help my store gain a little more attention, I would greatly appreciate that!

I designed my store banner, not wanting something splashed with my earrings or a tonne of graphics.  I just wanted something simple, a little inconspicuous, and thus, this slightly-hard-to-read, makes-your-eyes-feel-weird banner was born:

hooped etsy banner

The best part of it is, when you scroll up and down the page, it flashes a pinky purple colour at you, much like a strobe light!   Unfortunately it doesn’t show up here, but if you visit my store, you can see it clearly.  I’m not trying to cause any seizures, just thought it was intriguing and may help people remember it more.

Well, enough with sitting in front of the computer.  I’m off to do my P90x Stretch video.  If I want to have any hope of moving around like Betty White when I’m 90, I better start moving my butt around regularly.