Mani Monday

Green pink navy stripe manicure tutorial

It is always cold in my parents’ house, unless it’s 35 degrees outside.  I can honestly tell you it’s colder in here than outside during the day.  I have a long sleeve on under a t-shirt, plus a fleece vest all day, everyday.  And there’s no point in asking my dad to turn up the heat, because I know he already has when I came home a week ago.


So that is probably why this week’s manicure is a bit on the frosty side.  Using one of this season’s popular colors, Mint, and a light frosted pink, it’s a little bit ‘candy cane’.  I’ve also noticed from other beauty blogs that fellow beauty bloggers like to accent one nail, therefore I thought I’d try it out too using the same navy as my V-shape mani post.  I quite like the outcome.  This is what I did:

1.  After a base coat, painted 4 nails the frosted pink colour.
2.  Polished one lucky nail in Mint.
3.  Let it dry for a while.  Cut masking tape into thin strips (I tried to keep it under 2 mm wide), and taped them on a diagonal over my nails.
4.  Painted over each nail with either the Mint or Navy polish as thinly as possible.  (Remember, the thinner it is, the less goopy it is, and the less goopy it is, the cleaner your lines are when you carefully take the tape off.)
5.  Peeled off the tape immediately after painting each nail.
6.  Let it dry yet again.  Applied the top coat.

As you can see from my picture, I’m certainly not perfect at it but it looks pretty sweet, hey?  ;)