Mani Monday

China Glaze black crackle

When you see crackle nail polish, what’s the first thing you think of?  A trend in the 90’s that you’d rather not remember?  I don’t – I was obviously way too busy practicing piano to have any idea what was going on in the nail world.  If you played piano, you know that you’ve gotta keep your nails short and devoid of polish.  So when I first saw crackle polish last year, I was like, “WOOOOOW!”
I know, late bloomer.  Always was, always will.

I love this stuff.  It’s like I can sport a dark nail without looking too ‘goth’.  AND the application is incredibly forgiving – very important for me.  I may know make-up, but I’m a horrible manicurist.  I leave that stuff to the professionals.  I’m horrible at polishing my nails, but 1000x worse when I have to do someone else’s.  My poor mom.
After reading a million reviews, I went and bought China Glaze’s Black Mesh crackle glaze.  I’m not sure where to find it in Canada, but in the states, I found it at Sally’s Beauty or something – lots of locations.  They say it’s less goopy than OPI’s.  Less goopy is good – remember, I need products that are as forgiving as possible.  And less goopy means more crackle!!  Yay!
Let me tell you what I did here:
1. Mint polish.
2. Let it dry for a loooooong time because I then…
3. Cut out scotch tape and lightly taped it onto my nails.
4. Painted a 2 layers of coral and/or painted a thin layer of crackle (the lighter the layer, the more crackly it gets, as you can see on my ring finger).
5. Top coat – and I’m done!

What do you think – too much?  Too crazy?