Mani Monday

Double french manicure blue gunmetal

I’m down in Houston visiting the boy, and it is steamin’ hot.  Sunny, cloudless, with a constant of about 35 degrees celsius every single day.  That’s about 10 degrees over my ‘happy-content-i-love-summer’ limit.  In order to help balance things out, I went and bought a moody slate blue and a gunmetal polish for my Double french manicure today :)

This is what I did:
1. Cut scotch tape into thin strips – two per nail.
2. Base coat.
3. Two coats of Blue Slate polish from Revlon and give it ample time to dry.
4. Apply two parallel strips of tape on each nail.
5. Apply Gunmetal polish from Sally Hansen one nail at a time and peel off the tape immediately after each one.
6. After that’s completely dry, apply a top coat.

Gotta love using tape – everything just looks neat and tidy!