Mani Monday

thunder bolt mani

One of my favorite memories of Music History was studying late with my friends at my piano teacher’s house when thunder storms rolled in.  We studied in the kitchen which overlooked rolling hills and endless sky, and when the storms came in, we would shut off the lights and watch the lightning flash across the sky.

The thunder storms are one of the things I miss about Houston as well.  I thought Calgary had pretty wicked storms, but they pale in comparison to Houston’s torrential downpours.  For our first storm, hubby and I rolled up the blinds and sat on our area rug with popsicles and watched the sky for 30-40 minutes.  There wasn’t a single beat between the bolts of lightning – they just overlapped one another continuously.  It’s amazing and terrifying at the same time.

To do this Lightning Bolt mani, this is what I armed myself with:

– Medium grey and metallic gold polish
– Scotch tape
– Scissors

And this is what I did:

1.  Base coat.
2.  Two coats of Medium Grey polish, and let it dry.
3.  Cut 4 pieces of scotch tape per nail – cut diagonally and approximately 0.5cm in width.
4.  When your polish is super dry, arrange the tape on your nails like the picture below:
lightning bolt tape how to
5.  Apply a coat of metallic gold polish and peel off the tape immediately after each nail.
6.  After it’s completely dry, apply a top coat. The very first picture above is finished with a satin matte topcoat, and the picture below is finished with a shiny topcoat. I think I prefer the matte myself :)

Have fun!

thunder bolt mani shiny