February Favorites: Beauty

February beauty makeup skincare cosmetic favorites joelle chan asian wedding makeup artist calgary canada

February Beauty Favorites

Hey guys, I just joined Bloglovin!  I didn’t know what the heck it was until a few days ago.  Basically you use it to see the latest blog posts from your favourite bloggers from all different platforms in one easy go, as opposed to visiting each site to see if they have a new post yet.  It’s super easy to sign up, just plug in an email and a password and you’re off and running!  If you use it, follow me please :)

Anyway, it’s that time of month again when I get to talk about my skincare and makeup faves – yay!

I think I was 25 when I found my first sun spot on my lip (I found my first eye wrinkle that year too. BAD BAD year).   Needless to say, I freaked out and SPF in my lip balm suddenly became a priority.  I’ve been using Jack Black’s Lip Balm for a gazillion years now because is has a of SPF 25, and it’s only $8 – SCORE!  They have a few ‘flavours’, but I’m a sucker for their Natural Mint. Refreshing!  The other ones are a little ‘soapy’ smelling…that might your thang though.

It’s been so cold and dry here (and the rest of Canada it seems) that I had to dig out my Papaw Ointment and slather it on before bed most nights.  For the rest of them I slather on my Marc Jacobs lip balm and since I couldn’t wait, I’ve already started using my Fresh Sugar balm.  I’ll talk more about it as I use it more, but my first impression is that it smells like soda – yum!

I mentioned in my January favorites that my New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to wear more eye liner.  Can you guess what this year’s is?

February beauty makeup skincare cosmetic favorites joelle chan asian wedding makeup artist calgary canada


I’m completely serious, so stop laughing ;)  This one is hard because I have a wee little boy whom I love to kiss, but when I have lipstick on, he ends up looking like his mama slapped him around.  On Christmas day, he had a streak of raspberry on his temple, and when my mom saw, she freaked out thinking it was blood.  Actually I did too, until the hubz took notice and corrected us.  So imagine what people would think seeing blotches of red, pink and purple all over his little face.


I have no solution to that one as I’m not a big fan of long wearing lip colour unless it’s a special event (ie. wedding).  They’re usually a two step process – colour then gloss – and if it’s still there at the end of the day, it’s a pain to get off.  Not to mention you usually run out of step 2 (the gloss) before the colour, so then what do you with the rest of it if they don’t sell it separately??   Rawr.  So I just use regular stuff and try to not kiss my toddler as much, and when I do, try to rub it off his face right after.  For the love of lipstick.

If you require a long wearing lipstick, I recommend Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipcolor (not pictured).   I have a few in my kit, and they last a really long time.   They sell the gloss separately, and it’s not this clear liquidy stuff that likes to leak out of the container.   It comes in a tube, like a slim clear lipstick.  The colour will last longer if you apply it on dry lips, no balm prior.   It’ll feel gross when it dries, but the gloss will make it all better.

I always have a tube of Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Cherry in my purse for a light red stain.  I just use a tiny little bit, because it is packed with colour (although they call them sheer).  I love it so of course when you fall in love with something, they discontinue it on you.  In fact, Sephora’s discontinuing the Korres makeup altogether! Rawr.  If you’re quick, you can still get the limited 4-pack on sale for only $34 ($74 value), online only before it disappears altogether!  This tube has lasted me almost a year, and it’s going strong. I consider myself lucky – I have a while before I run out to find something to replace it.

This month, I also have a couple of lipsticks on rotation: Bite Beauty’s VIB Rouge lipstick (a nice red) that I received when I got my Rouge status (yeah, I dropped $$ at Sephora in 2013…part of the job I guess!), I Nuovi’s Pansy (purple-magenta), and a discontinued lip stain from MAC (a medium berry).  What’s up with cosmetics companies discontinuing products I like most??

Moving along, this dry shampoo from Klorane is just fantastic.  As a mom, I need as many time saving cheats as possible, and although I have short hair, it’s just not possible sometimes to get hair washed before rushing out the door. This shampoo has a very mild scent, and really absorbs the oil fast, giving my hair a fresh bounce. All you have to do is spray, wait 2 minutes, then comb it through.

The Glysomed I’ve been using all over my body, not just my hands.  That’s how insanely dry it is here.  The best way to apply it is right after a shower when you’re still a little damp, otherwise the product is a little hard to apply because it’s so thick.

february beauty favorites eye makeup cosmetics urban decay marc jacobs mac clinique smashbox inuovi joelle chan artist calgary canada

I’m still using I Nuovi’s eye primer, Smashbox’s lash primer, and Clinique’s Lash Power mascara.  Liners on rotation this month are Marc Jacobs liquid liner, and Urban Decay’s Empire (a dark matte purple) and Invasion (a dark matte green).  Those liners are SO pigmented and SO smooth.  When I want to get a little fancy, I wash a little shadow across my lids with this palette in The Tease from Marc Jacobs.  I particularly like the magenta shade, 2nd shadow from the right.

february beauty favorites eye makeup cosmetics skincare ren korres boscia missha clarisonic earth science joelle chan artist calgary canada

For skincare, these are all repeats: REN Cleansing balm which I raved about in my last post, the Korres Greek Yoghurt sleeping facial and Boscia Intensifying Moisture Pack + which I also raved about in my last post, the Missha BB Cream and my Clarisonic Mia that I still use 3-4 times a week.  I forgot to mention my Earth Science toner last month, which I bought at Community Natural Foods.  Feels about as hydrating as a toner can get – and of course it’s alcohol free! Please don’t use toners with alcohol, even if you think you’re an oil slick.  You think you’re making it better, but you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  One of these days, I’ll devote a rambling post on that.

That’s it for Feb!  Don’t be shy, share with me your favourite stuff!

>>I am not sponsored by any of these brands or stores, these products are bought myself.  I do have a some affiliate links to Sephora :)  All comments and experiences are my own! <<