Tutorial: A lil POP of colour

Purple Radiant Orchid Lilac Lavender - Everyday step-by-step picture makeup tutorial - Pantone 2014 green eyes - Joelle Chan Calgary Canada

Purple is my favorite colour, as well as many of yours I’m sure.  When Pantone announced Radiant Orchid was THE 2014 colour, I squealed inside a little bit, and my mind started racing with all the purple possibilities I can adorn on myself.  Think of all the purple makeup!!  Shadow, liner, mascara, blush (a light lilac is real nice), lippie, nails…and hair!  Think Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne.  What a wonderful excuse to wear purple EVERYTHING (not that I need any).  The only problem is…one can end up looking like a certain purple dinosaur.  At least your teeth would look very white.

As an ode to the colour typically associated with sophistication and royalty, I wanted to do a tutorial where purple was ok to wear every day.  Purple doesn’t have to mean heavy and it doesn’t have to mean evening glamour.  It can be fresh, fun and surprisingly natural!  Purple hues look amazing on every skin tone and with every eye colour, though green eyes in particular really stand out like my friend K’s here.  Let’s get started:


Matte skin toned shadow – MAC single shadow in Brule
Matte lilac shadow – Illamasqua single shadow in CanCan
Matte grey-purple shadow – Bobbi Brown single shadow in Heather
Eggplant eye liner – Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Empire
Mascara – Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme
Shimmery Champagne liner – Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in Sepia
Matte bronzer – Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer in Park Avenue Princess
Light pink blush – Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface
Light pink lipstick – MAC lipstick in Hue

Large fluffy shadow brush – MAC 227
Medium shadow brush – MAC 213
Fluffy blush brush – MAC 116


1.  Start off by grooming your brows, evening out your skin tone with a light foundation wherever you need it, and concealer.

2.  With a large fluffy shadow brush, apply a matte skin toned shadow all over the lid.

3.  With a medium shadow brush, sweep a matte lilac shadow from your lashes up to your crease.  Your crease is NOT typically the folded line on your lids, it is the contour of where the top of your eyeball meets your eye socket (for reference, look at the picture for step 4).  

4.  Using the same medium shadow brush, blend a matte grey-purple shadow into your crease.  If you have hooded or mono lids (most asians do), you can opt instead to blend this darker shade into the outer 1/3 of your eye to create more dimension.

5.  Using an eggplant purple pencil liner, line your top lashes.

6.  Dot the same liner between your bottom lashes for a more natural effect.

7.  With your mascara, zigzag your brush left-right-left-right starting from the base of your lashes and out towards the tips.  This deposits more product on your lashes.  Afterwards, brush out your lashes from the base to tip normally, with the mascara.

8.  Hold your mascara wand vertically and with the tip of the wand, brush it along your wee bottom lashes.

9.  (Optional)  Suck in your cheeks just slightly to find the contour of your cheekbones.  With a medium fluffy blush brush,  sweep a little bit of matte bronzer along this contour, starting near your ears and out towards your face.

10.  You can continue to suck in your cheeks, or smile a little in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks.  With the same medium fluffy brush, sweep a pretty pink blush onto the apples.

11.  Using a shimmery champagne pencil, line your bottom water line (the pink moist bit between your lashes and your eyeball) and around the inner corners, to brighten up your eyes.

12.  Apply a nude pink lip colour – lipstick or gloss, it’s your choice.  I’m a lipstick girl myself.

13.  Finito!

14.  For a tiny bit more POP, line a shimmery indigo pencil overtop of your existing eggplant liner.  I used Marc Jacob’s Highliner in Th(ink) here.  Pretty, isn’t it?

For K’s hair, this is my first attempt at an upside-down french braid bun.  It’s not perfect, but it was fun playing with long hair again!  If you want a fuller bun than pictured, use a hair doughnut/bun sponge.  H&M has a huge variety of colours and sizes near the checkout.

Upside down French braid top bun - brown hair - purple eye makeup tutorial - Joelle Chan Calgary Canada

I hope you have fun playing around!

>>I am not sponsored by any of the featured brands above; all products have been purchased myself.  However, there are affiliate links to Sephora.  I do earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links, thanks!<<