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I know I know, it’s the long weekend and all you wanna do is hang around the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine before the days get short and the mercury starts to sink. Who wants to think about shopping?? I DO – and I’ll bet a whole lotta you wanna as well when Sephora is practically throwing free points at you!

This week, from Monday, August 04 – Sunday, August 10, 2014, Sephora is giving VIB Rouge junkies 4x the points on all their Sephora purchases, VIB addicts 3x the points, and Beauty Insiders 2x the points ONLINE and IN-STORE.

So what’s the big deal? If you have a rewards card with Sephora (called Beauty Insiders), you know that every $1 you spend gets you 1 point, and when you earn a minimum of 100 points you can choose to redeem them by picking a deluxe sized sample from the wide selection they always offer. 250 points get you a something bigger (like an iPhone case), 500 points gets you a whole kit of stuff, and 1000 points can you something like a full sized lipstick and lipgloss kit from Marc Jacobs (worth $70 CAD)! Also, when you spend $300 in a calendar year, you get bumped up to VIB (Very Important Beauty insider) status which gives you special gift-with-purchases (GWP), and when you spend $1000 in a calendar year, you get bumped to VIB Rouge status which is the highest level you can get with even better GWP, exclusive events and VIB Rouge products only you can purchase.

Sephora Canada VIB ROUGE 4x Points event August 06 2014 nation wide | Beauty Insiders 2x Points VIB 3x Points | Best Travel kits | Sephora exclusive online-only | Swag Gift with purchase bag | Joelle Chan makeup-artist Calgary CanadaThis Wednesday evening, August 06, 2014, Sephora stores nation-wide (Canada) are holding a VIB Rouge only reception where one receives a GWP with a purchase of $50+. They don’t list what’s in it, but from the tiny picture on my email, it looks like it includes something from Make Up Forever, Living Proof, Philosophy, Algenist (??), Benefit, Escada perfume, Buxom and Clinique. If you’re not a VIB Rouge, find a friend that is because they’re allowed to bring a guest. And then make sure you sign up to be a Beauty Insider so you can earn double the points AND get the goodie bag with your purchase. As for me, I’ll go because I’m a samples hoarder (I have a serious problem), but do most of my shopping online the rest of the week as I typically do because I like to shop in peace AND most of the products I want aren’t in Sephora stores in Canada (but might be in the US), or online exclusives. In addition Sephora frequently offers gift with purchases that are online exclusives as well that are very appealing to me AND I get to choose 3 samples to go with my order. As I mentioned, I’m a samples hoarder and sometimes the sales associate forgets to add in samples OR they’ll randomly throw a few in my bag. I like to choose what I’ll most likely use.

I know a lot of people find the extensive selection at Sephora daunting, so allow me to curate a few things for you to consider, starting with…


PINCH PROVISIONS | Minimergency Kit in Silver

For only $19 CAD, you get a whopping 17 piece kit that fits into the palm of your hand. Never mind travel, this kit is a PERFECT WEDDING emergency kit! It includes earring backs, stain remover pad, a mending kit, plus the hairspray has 75 sprays, the lip balm has 100 uses, and the breath freshener contains 120 drops. Such a good deal.

EVIAN | Travel sized Mineral Spray x2

Exclusive to Sephora, this spray duo is great for setting your makeup and refreshing your makeup halfway through the day, but the reason I love them is because they are a life saver on a scorching day! I spray them all over myself to cool down and give my skin a little moisture. Sometimes your skin just needs a drink. TSA-approved at 50 ml/1.7 oz makes them super handy in a dry airplane cabin as well!

BUTTER LONDON | Scrubbers 2-in-1 Nail Prep & Remover Pads

How many times have I wished I brought nail polish remover with me on a trip? I’ve lost count. And I usually don’t have time to find a nail salon to get my chipping nails redone. These remover pads are the perfect solution – each wipe is packaged individually so you can stick one in your purse or just bring a few on vacation with you.

NARS | The NARSissist Cheek Kit

I’m a huge blush girl, I almost never leave the house without at least a smidge of blush on. Makes me look alive, y’know? This cheek palette has everything you need: NARS best-selling blush in Orgasm, a luminous highlighter, bronzer and a travel sized blush brush. Plus, the mirror included is nice and wide!

ST TROPEZ | Self Tan Starter Kit

Nowadays when I go out of town, it’s usually for a destination wedding. Is that the same with you? Problem is, I always have the ugliest tan lines on my neck, shoulder, arms…you-name-it, and the dress I want to wear to the wedding is going to show off all those awful graphic lines. Many years ago, I tried to even them out by going to tanning beds – EPIC FAIL. Nowadays I’m smarter and I use self tanners (and a whole lotta sunscreen) to even things out. This kit comes with a body exfoliator and moisturizer to prep your skin a day before applying the 100% natural and organic self tanning mousse with the mitt that’s included. Only thing is, you might want to start this one before your vacation :)

That’s enough talking for today. Tune in tomorrow, I’m posting a Sephora shopping guide for Back to School Basics. Whether you’re a tween, teen, or adult, you’ll find something on there that’s dead useful!

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