Up to 4x Points @ Sephora’s Summer Surge: TREAT Yourself

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This week, from Monday, August 04 – Sunday, August 10, 2014, Sephora is giving VIB Rouge junkies 4x the points on all their Sephora purchases, VIB addicts 3x the points, and Beauty Insiders 2x the points ONLINE and IN-STORE.

This is the last post of a 4 part series about what to buy during Sephora’s Summer Surge event that earns you up to 4x the points on all your purchases. Click here to read my other articles: 5 Last Minute Travel Shortcuts, 5+1 Back to School Basics, and 6 Best Makeup for Fall 2014.

Earning more points at Sephora gets you more deluxe sized samples, which is obviously amazing because you get to try a whole bunch of stuff before you decide to purchase! And samples make for fantastic weekend travel sizes. These are the 5 Makeup Splurges I have my eye on and I’ll tell you why:

KOH GEN DO | Aqua Foundation SPF 15 PA++

I follow a bunch of very renown make-up artists on Instagram and this Japanese brand with its 2 different liquid foundations always show up on my feed. This particular foundation shows up rather often on the lovely (and extremely hilarious) account belonging to one Nick Barose, the magic man behind Lupita Nyong’o’s insanely gorgeous premieres and awards seasons late last year and early this year. Although I suppose he didn’t use this one her, as it doesn’t look like they make her shade, the fact he uses this frequently on his super A-list clientele must mean it’s freaking amazing right?? Available online in Canada.

MAKE UP FOR EVER | Sculpting Kit

Contouring is in huh? Or should I say, Kontouring, har har. Anyway, this palette has been around for a gazillion years so it must be doing something right! Now it comes in 4 different colour combinations, so you’ll definitely find one to fit your complexion. I’m veering towards Neutral Light. I’m also going to slide in here that I like to highlight more than contour. Keep the contouring soft – make sure it looks good (not crazy) IN PERSON, not just in pictures.

TATCHA | Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

Otherwise known as Really Fancy Blotting Papers. Also a huge hit with make-up artists on my Instagram feed, so I’m extra curious. Tatcha is a skin care brand built on geisha skin care secrets recorded in a 200 year old manual. Cool huh? And these blotting papers are made with 100 percent natural abaca leaf and gold flake. GOLD FLAKE?? Heck, if that doesn’t get you, then just look at the packaging. Beaaauuuuty. I’m going to save these puppies for my extra oily days!

YSL | GLossy Stain

I let a YSL Rep come up to me once and swatch a bit of this stuff on my hand, simply because I thought ‘glossy’ and ‘stain’ simply could not go together. I was humbled. It wouldn’t come off my hand. I went home and had to scrub a really long time to get this stuff off, so it’s true. You can have a great looking gloss, and when it wears off, you’re left with a really pretty lip stain. No. 106 Beige Anarchist is lookin’ real nice.


Which one is hotter right now: Brows or Contouring?
I used powder to fill in my brow for the longest time, and only switched to a pencil a couple of years ago. It’s usually a faster application than powder, but I hate sharpening all the time because trying to find my sharpener in my huge pile of stuff drives me a little nuts. This powder duo catches my eye because you have two shades to play with and you can compensate depending on your mood – do you feel more natural or a little more dramatic, perhaps you changed your hair colour a little, or your skin’s darker/lighter with the current season. Plus there are 10 different colour combinations so I’m tempted to say you’ll probably find something you’ll like. I think I’m going back to powder.

That concludes my 4 part shopping series for this year’s Sephora Summer Surge! Happy shopping!

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