Restaurant Review: Q HAUTE CUISINE

A few weeks ago, my friend and I had an wonderful experience at Q Haute Cuisine in Calgary with our pre-purchased Dine for Two Costco deal.

I first heard of Q Haute Cuisine through a bride who was having her wedding reception there, and I’ve been so darn curious ever since. But with a toddler in tow who’s not the type to sit through a 2.5+ hour dinner experience, I never thought I’d get a chance to check it out. Yay for girl dates and babysitting husbands!

Formerly La Caille on the Bow, Q Haute is located in the Eau Claire area, right beside the Bow River. There is some parking around the restaurant building, underground parking (for a fee) across the street, and ample street parking around the area. When you walk in the entrance of what looks like a huge house, you walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor where the host staff are waiting to take your coat and lead you to your table. I’m sure the view is very serene but as it’s the dead of winter right now and the sun sets before 5pm, one can’t see much out the windows during dinner.

The interior of the restaurant is a mix of modern and antique – white walls, white modern chandeliers, and dark wood antique-y furniture. Though I’m a big fan of mixing styles, I felt that they should have stuck to one idea or the other – but hey, I’m no interior designer.

The voucher was for a 4 course dinner for two. It was nothing like the menu on the Costco site and that was just fine by me. We started with a few ‘beginnings’: a Butternut squash lollipop, a savoury biscuit with what looked like whipped goat cheese and a celery root meringue on top (my favorite), and a cauliflower bonbon.

Two types of bread arrived: mushroom and cranberry, with a choices of sundried tomato butter or pesto butter – that pesto butter is damn good. You can see from my picture that I slathered it on like cream cheese!
(I apologize for the horrid quality of my pictures – they were only meant to be shown to the hubz, but the meal was such a good deal I thought I’d show it to the world, heh)
Q Haute Cuisine Calgary | Restaurant Review | Eau Claire fine dining | Costco voucher

Our salad was a mix of three different beets; red, golden and striped, paired with slices of cucumber, pickled carrots and mashed potatoes with beet powder mixed in for a pretty pink hue.

The tomato, ricotta and spinach coquille topped with a parmigiano crisp was the least favorite of my experience, but still tasty.
Q Haute Cuisine Calgary Alberta Canada | Restaurant Review | Eau Claire fine dining | Costco voucher | Joelle Chan make-up artist

Our palette cleanser was my personal favorite: Black kale sorbet with chopped marinated cucumber on the bottom and sour milk espuma with roasted parsley on top. Sour milk sounds frightening doesn’t it? But it was absolutely delicious.

Our entree did not disappoint: Coffee and orange crusted sous-vide tenderloin with Madeira wine jus, with a cauliflower puree, roasted root vegetables, and a shiitake mushroom. That piece of meat was cooked to perfection, though I wish there was a little more ‘beef’ taste to it.
Q Haute Cuisine Calgary Alberta Canada | Restaurant Review | Eau Claire fine dining | Costco voucher | Joelle Chan make-up artist

Our dessert consisted of a dark chocolate financier and a lavender chocolate with quinoa caramel in the middle, with what I also think was cardamom. I’m not sure, but something else was darn tasty inside there.

Just when you think you’re done and bursting at the seams, they come out with a trio of ‘endings’: a chocolate macaron, green apple and passion fruit pate de fruits, and a coconut crusted chocolate truffle.
Q Haute Cuisine Calgary Alberta Canada | Restaurant Review | Eau Claire fine dining | Costco voucher | Joelle Chan make-up artist

As if the food wasn’t already amazing and intriguing, the front of the house staff brought the experience a few levels higher. They were in short, spectacular. Unlike most restaurants, you don’t have only one dedicated server. We had about 4-5 different people serving our food and drink and they were attentive, humorous, and extensively knowledgable. Nothing fell out of place. Another lovely part of the experience was the kitchen tour where we got to ogle at the herb incubator and the anti griddle.

Q Haute’s Costco deal is a great deal at $99 with a value of approximately $187. Q Haute also offers a 4 course meal Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for only $79 pp, and whopping 7 course dinner on Fridays and Saturdays for $119.

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