January Favorites: Beauty

January Beauty Favourites | Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel Eye Creme | YULI Halcyon Cleanser ME Skin fuel | Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation | Tarte Amazonian Blush palette | Troy Surratt lash curler | Joelle Chan make-up artist | Calgary Alberta Canada
Happy 2015 :)
I attempted to start blogging monthly last year about each month’s vanity favourites but I fell off the wagon after April! So here I am, trying again.

Shall we begin from left to right? The toner I’ve been using the last 2 months is actually Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Soothing Gel. His gel and his toner have very similar ingredients so I bought the gel out of application preference. I figured applying a gel with my fingers is easier than applying a liquid the same way. Note though that this is meant to be a moisturizer, though there’s no way I would be able to use it on my skin without a supplement over top.

I’m a huge fan of Yuli Skincare and I’ve been using their Halcyon cleanser at least once a day for the last 6 months now. 2-3 pumps of this non-foaming cleansing gel is sufficient and will take off my make-up as well.

I am STILL using my Dr. Alkaitis Eye Creme, the exact same bottle I bought back in March and reviewed in May. It’s estimated to last 2 months but it’s been 10 freaking months for me! I don’t even need a whole pump for both eyes and I avidly apply eye cream morning and night. It’s insane how long this has lasted me. Truth be told, I bring samples of other creams when I go out of town, but how often is that? Maybe a whole 2 weeks of the year? If you’re looking for a new eye cream, you should really consider this one.

I am also STILL using the same bottle of ME serum/oil from April last year. When it’s warm, I use it as my night time moisturizer. When it’s cold, I use it day and night. The scent is like a bouquet of fresh flowers and it’s been amazing for my acne-prone skin.

You might have read in a variety of my posts that I religiously used the same bottle of Missha BB Cream for 2 years (everything lasts a very long time for me somehow) and as much as I loved it, I wanted to try something new when I was finally finished it. It took a lot of research but I finally gritted my teeth and ordered a bottle of Koh Gen Do’s Aqua Foundation from Sephora without ever trying it in person. At $74 CAD ($62 USD), it’s a *tiny* step up from my $20 Missha! Is it worth the hype? In a word, YES. I don’t think I can go back to BB or any other foundation unless I find something even better than this one, and I’m not being dramatic. It’s a thin liquid but goes on silky smooth and blends like a dream. Don’t expect full coverage. It keeps your skin looking real but it’s simply better!

Back to products I’m STILL using: my Tarte Amazonian Clay blush palette that I bought during Christmas 2013. It’s certainly not as tidy as it was last pictured here, but look how much is still left! I use this at least 4-5 times a week – basically every single day I get out the door. It’s one of my best ever purchases. The bronzer serves as a gentle contour, the pink and coral depends on my clothes and/or lipcolour, the middle colour is the most neutral, and the dark rose usually serves as added dimension. They came out with another blush palette this Christmas as well so I assume it’s a yearly thing. Keep your eyes peeled in November/December; their blushes are amazing.

I’ve been trying out this Troy Surratt eye lash curler since I bought it in Barneys while we were in SF a few months ago. It’s beautiful, curls in seconds but I’m still on the fence about whether I like this or my Shu Uemura better.

What are your favourites this month?

**This post contains affiliate links. All products are purchased myself.