Joelle Chan make-up | Calgary Alberta Canada | Mercedes Leung Photography VancouverHi, I’m Joelle, a make-up artist residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I am available for weddings, as well as motion pictures and photoshoots year round.  I do not claim to be an expert and my word is certainly not the law; I talk and attempt to educate based on my own experiences and observations on what works and what doesn’t.  As an artist and fellow human being, I am constantly learning and evolving my style because that’s what makes life worth living!

I’m also a mom to a 2 year old and an earring fetishist.  When I have a bit of time, I make modern simple designs that I can wear everyday.  My favourites are featured on my Etsy shop called hooped.  Figure if I like to wear them maybe someone out there will enjoy them too :)

For questions and inquiries, you can write to me here, or email: me [at] joellechan.com

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